Wednesday, October 21 2015 at 8:30PM

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8 Denmark Street, Bristol, BS1 5DQ


What's the talk about?

Do you know your Cabernet from your Chianti? Your Napa Valley from your Bordeaux? If you like wine and skepticism then do we have the event for you. 
It is generally considered in skeptical circles that wine tasting is wildly subjective and unscientific. But is there even a grape of truth to it? Oenophile’s need not apply, as Bristol Skeptics Society tackles the subject of wine tasting.
Over the course of the evening we’ll look at the supposed science behind wine tasting, take part in tasting challenges, and see if there is anything to it. So come and drink some wine - for science!
START: 20:30
Participation is FREE however there will be a collection of donations to help cover the cost of the wine.