Our events are organised with the rational people of Bristol in mind! Events are open to everybody, no matter what your personal beliefs and opinions on a subject are. 
Events take place on the fourth Wednesday of every month usually at the Smoke & Mirrors Magic Theatre Pub on Denmark Street in Bristol. Entry to 'Bristol Skeptics in the Pub' events is based on a suggested donation of £3-5. All donations help fund speakers travel costs and allow the Bristol Skeptics Society to bring in speakers from further afield for future events. 
Skeptics in the Pub started in London in 1999 and has since spread across the globe - growing especially well in the UK over the last few years. Bristol Skeptics in the Pub was formed in 2010 and we are proud to be part of the national Skeptics in the Pub network.

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The Bristol Skeptics in the Pub Facebook Group functions as our primary community hub.
All of our events and posts can be found on our website BristolSkeptics.com.
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